[Photos] Marching for Higher Wages and Workplace Dignity

On Thurs the 16th, I joined hundreds of people filled with “low-wage rage” who marched in front of Alice Walton’s new $25 million Park Ave condo. Ms. Walton is one of the children and heirs to the Walmart founder’s fortune. Four of these heirs, including Alice Walton, occupy almost half of the slots in the Forbes list of the Richest 10 People in America.

Walmart, along with Alice Walton, has been the focus of many protests over the years. The reason is simple. Walmart, which is also the world’s largest retailer, has had its harmful labor practices adopted by retailers, fast-food chains, and other low-wage employers in NYC and around the world.

As workers around the country find themselves facing growing poverty and inequality, a lack of dependable hours, and few opportunities for career advancement, they have begun pushing back in ever-increasing numbers against the “Walmart economy.”

One the march’s goals was to deliver a petition to Alice Walton’s new luxury-condo-perch demanding that Walmart start paying a minimum wage of $15 and ensure stable scheduling. Since workers were not allowed to enter the building to deliver the petition, protestors lined up in the middle of the street in front of her home, sat down, and blocked the intersection. Police arrested 26 of them.

As we dispersed, marchers warned Alice that “we’ll be back!” and began to make plans for Black Friday 2014.

Update: Check out Our Walmart’s video from the event.