money in politics

My Research in the News: Undue Corporate Influence in New York State Politics

elderly man watching over newspaper standI recently looked into donations made by corporate members of The Business Council to New York State Senators. This research was done in support of the push for fair elections in New York State.

Some of what I compiled got picked up by the media. For example, an article in the Times Union from Albany noted that since January 2010:

  • Verizon spent over $390,000 in political donations to state Senate candidates;
  • real estate developer and Business Council boardmember Michael Falcone contributed over $24,000 to state Senators; and,
  • companies and individuals associated with the Business Council gave over $1.9 million to state Senate campaigns.

This research was (or will be) used in various state Senate districts to petition decision-makers to support public financing of elections.